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Attractive Way to Keep Your Contact Details

Each address book is available in three distinctive designs.

The sea life design is my most popular.

view of green sea life design

As with all of my eco-books, these are primarily made using remnants of the Banana Tree, such as the leaf or bark or even the seed pods.

view of green leaf design

Each address book is tabbed with white bold lettering on a brown leaf type tab.

view of tab features on address books

No Boring Address Books Here

address books on display

Examples of cover designs are for illustration purposes only.

I Cannot Guarantee any Specific Cover Image other than the Generic description.

Choose an Animal design cover, Sea Life motif, or an Abstract motif.

address book abstract design example

Get Your Own Address Book

Select your Address Book shape, and click on the design type you prefer.

This will bring up the detailed order page showing dimensions and any other options available.

address book oblong

Animal Design
Abstract Design
Sea Life Design

rectangular address book

Animal Design
Abstract Design
Sea Life Design