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address books

Address Books

Two very distinct sizes of these Address Books are available.

Oblong Address Book
Rectangle Address Book

Whichever size you choose, all of my address books come with Three distinctive cover designs.

Sea Life
Various Abstracts
Assorted Animals

my rectangular address book

Even the Back Covers of my Eco Books are Decorative.

back covers typical of all eco books

100% Natural Books

All of my Eco Books are made from natural products such as the Banana Leaf, Seed Pod, Bark as well as bamboo and even beach debris and twigs.

3 sizesof photo albums

Photo Albums

My Photo Albums come in Three sizes.

The largest Photo Album [P165]holds 80 of your treasured photographs.

The mid sized Photo Album [P164] holds 40 of your graphic memories.

Last size I have is my Personal Sized Photo Album [P163] that holds 20 memores.

two of my photo albums

Each album also comes in three very unique cover designs.

From the always different Abstract Design to the assorted Animal Motif, these albums are great gifts.

My photo album with the Sea Life Motif is my most popular album.

eco note books

Note Books

This particular style of Note Book comes in Two sizes and is similar to my other Eco Books.

different eco note books

Note Books

Made from natural materials these Eco Note Books also come in a wide assorted range of cover motifs.

All of these style of note books have a twig pencil attached with them.

Each one of these Thailand Note Books come with a stamped nickle figurine, such as the Elephant, Dolphin, Cat and others.

Unlike the other books shown, these are imported from Thailand.

pencil on Thailand notebooks