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Recycling Valuable Wood Into Unique Gifts

reclaimed teak shingle boxEver wonder what happens to old teak, such as roofing shingles?

Some are made into unique gift boxes.

These recycled shingles add a certain look to a dresser or bureau top.

Great for holding your bracelets, rings, or watch.

These Teak Shingle Boxes are available in Two Styles.

recycled teak curio box

Elephant Top Teak Boxes

I also am rather proud of these Plain or Elephant Top Teak Boxes.

The Elephant Box is very special but the Elephant is actually a Resin Casting overlaid on the Box.

The depiction is so detailed that frankly, you might never be able to tell.

Hand Formed Frog or Lizard

curio box frog Both my Pencil Boxes and Mango Wood Curio Boxes come with either a Lizard or Frog top.

These decorative tops are hand formed and painted individually.

Each figure is formed from a granite dust mixture, including the log.