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Great Gifts For All Occassions

burl wood carvingsMy collection of imported Burl Wood Carvings adds a very special twist to your gift giving.

Each piece is hand carved using Nature's own twist.

Many of these Burl Wood pieces are carved out of the actual Chinaberry wood while others use the burl wood limbs or branches as bases for carvings made from Hibiscus and other woods.

wooden motorcycle carving
Unique Gifts of All Kinds

koi fish scene bamboo fanThese colorful bamboo fans are brighlty painted with natural looking scenes

With such scenes as Dolphins playing or Elephants splashing in a river, these fans make for great wall decorations.

There is even a scene of an Eagle soaring and Koi Fish.

mahogany wood abstract carvings

Let These Abstract Carvings Spark The Conversation

eco photo album bookNothing goes to waste over there, including string and twigs.

Myphoto album books comes in three different sizes.

Plus the covers are always different, from Dolphins to real sea shells.

dragon cast in resin
Unique Resin Gift Figures

From detailed Motorcycle Carvings to Dragons in Resin, I think you will find something special that will make a great gift.

Let The Wind Seranade You

full coconut top bamboo wind chime
Assorted Tops
Bamboo Wind Chimes

eagle head carvingAmazing how these crafstmen use the natural formed burl wood to creat something as beautiful as the Eagle.

Check out the other great Burl Wood Carvings such as the Horse Head or if reptiles are you thing, take a look at the Cobra Snake carving

mahogany wood carving of buddha
Have Buddha Watch
Over Your Home
& Ease Your Spirit