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Wood Carvings

None of our Wood Carvings are 100% Identical as each one is hand carved and made from local woods such as Satin Wood, Mahogany Wood, Hibiscus, and Monkey Pod woods.

Even Reclaimed Teak wood are used in several of our featured Wood Carvings.

unique gift choices

Many different animals are featured in my collection of carvings, such as Dolphins and even Eagles.

My burl wood collection of affordable carvings make for unique gifts for holidays or special occassions.

weeping Buddha statue

An old legend has it that if you rub this Buddha's back, he will take away all of your worries and sorrows, and do your crying for you.

Each time I add a photo to my Eco Photo Album or check an address in my Eco Address Book, it really amazes me how they have used all sorts of odds 'n ends to fashion these stylish books.

eco books

Assorted Gifts
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Buddha Figurines
Bamboo Wind Chimes
Bamboo Folding Fans
Cat Carvings
Eco Books
Burl Wood
Assorted Wood Boxes
Figures cast in Resin

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Each item is personally selected to highlight the workmanship and beauty of the gift.

bamboo folding fans

My Bamboo Fans make great wall decorations.